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Land Sparing vs Land Sharing

There has been a great deal of debate about which is better for the natural world. Are we better off condensing our growing into a smaller footprint, and sparing land for rewilding.

Or should we aim to share our farmland with nature? 

As might be expected the answer is not a simple one, and there are strong arguments on both sides. Indeed, unsurprisingly the best answer is that it will likely be a bit of both. 

You can see a good, brief summary in the video below. 

When it comes to CEA, the argument is that these technologies and approaches can help to alleviate the competition for land between the natural world and farming. 

By radically reducing the footprint on which the food is grown, by making it possible to produce food (and in this case protein) pretty much anywhere and everywhere, and through the application of research & development to new crop varieties, new technologies and new integrations. 

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